VISION: Reduction of Violence and Neighborhood Crime through the Productive Re-Employment of Ex-Offenders and the Reduction in the Overall Associated Costs of Incarceration to Society
March 23, 2008




OMNUM is a nationwide Federally recognized Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Charitable Public Service Faith Based Organization whose mission is to do good and help reduce neighbourhood crime, violence, and recidivism by promoting the productive reintegration into society of law-abiding tax-paying ex-offenders and parolees. This is accomplished by coordinating private, community, local, state, federal and spiritual resources; and by providing a stable, self-sustaining and scalable one-stop comprehensive services delivery system of those resources through charitable social programs and gateway services. All facets of the community are utilized to evaluate and provide the ex-offender with the necessary programs and resources, employment services and jobs, meaningful counseling, educational-vocational training and oversight; along with re-entry processes that empower and reinforce the message of accountability and individual responsibility.

OMNUM welcomes any and all assistance (Government, Corporate, Private, Spiritual); and OMNUM will discuss any strategy, form any strategic revenue generating partnerships, work with any type or size organization that furthers it along its mission of providing re-entry and employment services to ex-offenders. OMNUM believes that a realistic goal is to rehabilitate approximately 1/3 of ex-offenders willing to stay Alcohol and Drug Free and willing to submit to weekly drug testing. Ex-Offenders entering the program are 1099 sub-contractors and must make a long term commitment to program rehabilitation, and retraining. Re-Entry services provided at one of OMNUM’s Regional Re-Entry Reception Centre Facilities.

TRAINED EX-OFFENDER’s Are Utilized In Construction Trades & Represent An ARMY FORCE Of Federally Bonded Skilled Labour AVAILABLE For A Variety Of Civic Works Improvement Projects and Commercial Construction Projects NATIONWIDE.

  •  Of the many projects that OMNUM is currently engaged in two projects in particular are very near and dear to our heart. The first project is the acquisition of Transitional or Temporary Housing for families and individuals in distress needing a new start.  Temporary housing across the United States is virtually nonexistent and most families who have just vacated their current housing and have no where to go and cannot afford to live in a motel for very long if at all; so they have no choice but to live on the streets or out of their cars. Transitional Housing will be provided via the acquisition and purchase of motels and hotels generally in or around the 2300 cities where Christian Rescue Missions are found. Rescue Missions provide food, clothing, temporary shelter (generally one or two nights max) and Rescue Missions provide much needed spiritual guidance for many lost and wayward souls. In order to fund ongoing motel operations, 50% of the motel occupancy will consist of paying guests and the other 50% will consist of county sponsored (payment is via government voucher) families and individuals requiring temporary transitional shelter for 1 week up to 1 month; it gives them time to find a more stable housing situation. OMNUM is seeking a Corporate Real Estate Business Partner to Joint Venture this Project with.
  • “CATS FOR CONS” – The second project we would dearly love to see funded is the pairing of inmates with lengthy sentences (at least 5+ years remaining) with abandoned cats sitting in animal shelters. Providing cats to inmates will have an almost immediate calming effect upon the prison population which is a good thing since things can get quite tense for the correctional officers and the inmates sometimes. The cats gets a new home and a chance at a new life instead of waiting to be euthanized; and these cats will be very well loved and cared for by the inmate population!

“The world is full of people with innovative ideas who are willing to give their all to implementing them but don’t have enough money to really reach the number of people they need to help. These ‘Social Entrepreneurs’ can change the lives of millions of people for the better if only they are financially helped to follow through on their ideas.”President Bill Clinton – Giving: How Each Of Us Can Change The World

“America is the Land of Second Chance, and when the Gates of the Prison Open, the Path Ahead should Lead to a Better Life.” President George W. Bush


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